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Thinking of a M&A? Grupo Consultor EFE just got accredited by Human Synergistics International Jueves, 05 Abril 2018 11:25

Allinial Global Mexican member, Grupo Consultor EFE, has obtained a very important accreditation for their Advisory practice, through the hands of its Managing Partner, Adrian J Romero, and its Human Talent Development Partner, Carlos De Leon.

The accreditation was issued by Human Synergistics International (HSI), located in Chicago IL, who are the global leaders in organizational culture. The company has a history of over 45 years of R&D in organizational culture, and has an impressive trajectory, working with the most prestigious universities in the United States, as well as public agencies and leading companies around the world.

Grupo Consultor EFE has been providing services for leadership training and development, owning some of the most important executive training programs in Mexico and LATAM.

“One of the main challenges for high-level executive training programs is being able to measure the impact that the training has on the organization as a whole. Much of it becomes very subjective while looking at KPI’s, plus, most of the companies are investing substantial amounts of money in training and development. This only affects the most superficial layer of the organization, which is climate but does not make any significant changes to behaviour, beliefs and other causal factors of the company’s culture. All this basically translates to getting a Tylenol pill and hoping it will stop a tumour”, said Mr. Romero, MP of the firm.

The firm currently works with more than 120 large multinational manufacturing companies in Mexico that have an average headcount of 1,000 employees but can go up to 5,000.

“With the OCI and the OEI tools, we are now able to measure a company’s current culture, establish their ideal one, and identify the exact causal factors to a very impressive level of detail that are either retaining them or pushing them to change in the ideal direction they desire. This is a game changer that is backed up by many years of research, statistics and success stories”, said Mr. De Leon, partner at the firm.

The OCI and OEI tools are a great starting point to create an effective action plan for training and development, as it details the leadership styles of the company’s people and can anticipate what type of training will be most effective.

“For accounting firms, it is an excellent tool to use before, during or even after a merger or acquisition, as it will lead to knowing the current culture of the parties, distinguish the gap between them and anticipating the amount of compatibility and effort needed to align them. Culture can definitely make things a lot easier or harder” concluded Mr. Romero.

If you are interested in how the OCI and OEI tools can help your firm, please contact Adrian J. Romero at

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