Top 10 most in-demand jobs in Latin America after the pandemic

Top 10 most in-demand jobs in Latin America after the pandemic


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In 2020, unemployment in Latin America exceeded 10%, mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, there was an increase in demand for some jobs. 

Thus, the health and technology sectors had the highest demand for workers in 2020 compared to the previous year.

In the technology sector, the increase in jobs already showed an increase previously. However, it was in 2020 when a huge leap was made, because of the new dynamics of the economy from the confinement and the new modalities of the home office.

According to Ramiro Luz, director of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn Latin America, the digital transformation of businesses experienced an unexpected acceleration thanks to the pandemic, as many companies changed their logistics in a few months, which in a normal situation would have taken years.

In the health sector, these jobs were required more than ever due to the health crisis. Ramiro Luz explains that the position of nurse specialized in intensive care was the most demanded everywhere.

Brazil was the country that required the greatest demand for nurses, and also in this country the demand for professionals in the research and development sector such as pharmacists and biochemists increased, a situation that did not happen in the rest of the countries in Latin America.

Something that surprised Luz was that in Mexico, the second-largest economy in the region, there was a high demand for real estate professionals during 2020, even though the real estate sector was hit hard due to the pandemic crisis, especially because many corporate spaces were left vacant, however, the demand for workers in the sector rose 54% compared to 2019.

Another phenomenon that occurred during 2020 was the transfer of workers from retail to e-commerce, i.e., employees who worked as cashiers or in physical stores were transferred to logistics or storage centers that are essential for online commerce.

According to Ramiro Luz, the following are 10 of the most requested jobs in LATAM's largest economies. It is important to consider that this is not a constant in all the countries of the region since each one has its own particular labor needs, also that this list is not in any specific order:

1. Web developer:

This category includes both front-end developers, i.e. those who develop the software that interacts with users; and back-end developers, i.e. those who process information.  

Besides these developers, there is also a need for computer programmers, those in charge of coding for, for example, stock control in a warehouse or sales registration.

These jobs have increased in demand in recent years; however, since the pandemic, this need has multiplied and experts say that in a few years, knowing programming languages will be a skill required by all professionals.

2. Data engineer:

They are in charge of finding trends in data sets and developing algorithms to get useful information in the company's raw data. To perform this job, a deep knowledge of database design and multiple programming languages is required.

Validation analysts, machine learning engineers, and data architects are also in high demand.

3. Nurse:

In general, the demand for physicians and all types of health care workers increased exponentially, however, it was nurses specialized in intensive care who were most in-demand in the region due to the health crisis caused by the pandemic.  

This field has also seen an increase in recent years, a trend that will continue, especially in those countries that will experience gradual aging of the population.

In the health sector, the demand for mental health professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, has also increased.

4. Healthcare support staff:

There has been an increase in demand for nursing assistants, those who help patients with their hygiene, care, feeding, medication administration, and general help; as well as professionals specialized in rehabilitation, physical and respiratory therapy, and care of the elderly. 

5. Digital marketing expert:

This is basically because the vast majority of businesses were forced to accelerate their digital transformation, so they need staff to develop marketing strategies through social networks, digital marketing consultants, brand positioning specialists, and marketing assistants. 

6. E-commerce manager or coordinator:

E-commerce is a sector that has grown exponentially because of the pandemic, it is a very extensive field since it includes from computer specialists, to people who perform functions in storage and distribution centers of products.

The e-commerce manager is in charge of managing an electronic commerce project and understanding and controlling this process from start to finish. Related to this sector, there has also been an increase in demand for delivery drivers, supply chain assistants, and warehouse equipment managers.

7. Customer service manager:

At the same time that businesses went digital, customer service related positions were required, such is the case of personnel who respond to customer requests, supervisors, etc. These are the people who usually work in call centers.

8. Digital content generator

The demand for creative service professionals such as copywriters, animators, illustrators, 3D artists, and video editors has risen.  

9. Business Development Specialist:

They are those with the responsibility of researching, creating new projects, and managing the resources to carry out initiatives that identify new business opportunities or direct an enterprise from its inception. 

10. Real estate agent:

This last job had an increase in demand particularly in Mexico and has generated job opportunities for real estate agents, property managers, real estate consultants, among others. 

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