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Abril 12, 2018 - 00:00 AM

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What is this workshop about?
Becoming the trusted business advisor can open doors to new projects, revenue, and referrals, and it takes a concerted effort to achieve. In addition, practice growth is also heavily influenced by the quantity and quality of referral sources we have, so we will explore where to find the best referral sources and how to make them productive.

Join us in this powerful day long program to learn how you can better achieve trusted advisor status with your clients and find more and better referral sources. You'll walk away with fresh ideas, a plan, great tools, and the motivation to grow your practice.

Part 2: "Cross-Serving additional services to existing clients, networking mastery and LinkedIn".
Part 3: "Excelling at the sales process and creating a strong personal brand that drives clients to your door".
Part 4: "Secrets from the rainmakers, partner panel and nurturing prospects".

A quién va dirigido:

Target Audience
- Business Developer, Manager/ Senior Manager, Partner.
-Accountants with five or more years of experience.
- Consultants and those in advisory practices.
- High-potencial YP's and future partners.
- Those with the desire to contribute to business development at a higher level.

About the Speaker- Art Kuesel:
Art is an accounting firm growth expert named one of the Top 100 Influential Person in Public Accounting. Among his clients are third of the Top 100 firms in the USA. He has in-house and external experience. Frequent writer and blogger for Accounting Today. Accomplished speaker and presenter on growth trends.

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