Mexican states agree to work to attract global companies

Mexican states agree to work to attract global companies


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The Secretaries of Economic Development of the several Mexican states will seek to attract global companies that will detonate regional development.  

The Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development (AMSDE) signed a collaboration agreement with the Executive Council of Global Enterprises (CEEG) to work towards the goal of attracting these types of companies.

Ana Cecilia Rodríguez, president of AMSDE, stated that investment from global companies is necessary to trigger economic development in different regions of Mexico.

“The support of global companies is essential to create new investment opportunities in different regions of Mexico, so necessary when we must continue to promote economic development,” said the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Morelos.

“With this type of agreement, greater positive effects can be generated at the regional level, as the specific needs of each entity are addressed and strengthened with the participation, commitment, and willingness of the companies that make up the CEEG,” said the official of the government headed by Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

The agreement signed between CEEG and AMSDE proposes to develop a work agenda that will contribute to economic reactivation and the promotion of business opportunities in the different regions of the country.

The directors of both organizations will hold periodic meetings to follow up on the terms of the agreement and thus encourage the participation of both teams in the design and implementation of strategies that detonate regional development with a global approach.

“Today, more than ever, it is essential to support cooperation to maintain competitiveness as the best way to boost the country’s economic recovery,” said Alberto de la Fuente, president of CEEG.

“We are living decisive moments for the immediate future and we no longer have time to lose. We cannot wait any longer,” he commented. “What we do today will define the opportunities that the country will offer to the younger generations in just a few more years.”

Alberto de la Fuente and Ana Cecilia Rodríguez jointly defined several actions, such as generating a regional work agenda to help attract foreign investment and strengthen supply chains.

The pact promotes the exchange of information and best practices, based on the experience of global companies and the world economic reconfiguration; it will also support training and skills reconversion programs aimed at the local business sector, as well as priority groups, especially women and young people.

It also promotes the development and integration of small and medium-sized enterprises in the supply chains of global companies, collaborates in the identification of barriers to investment, and promotes actions that contribute to their elimination, as well as promoting actions that contribute to economic reactivation at the local level.

Source: Enrique Hernández (2022, February 17). Estados pactan trabajar para atraer a empresas globales. Forbes México. Retrieved February 18, 2022, from  


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