Dubai Chamber opens an office in Mexico; the focus will be on trade

Dubai Chamber opens an office in Mexico; the focus will be on trade


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The Chamber of Commerce office will be staffed by both Mexican talent and people from the Dubai team. 

The Dubai International Chamber of Commerce will open an office in Mexico and its intention is, although they are interested in various sectors, to focus on trade, said in an interview with EFE, the global president of the organization, Hamad Buamim.

“We are looking for opportunities in different sectors. Trade is very important for us and that is what we will focus on, to begin with,” said Buamim after the presentation event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City.

Still, he said, they are clear that their second sector in mind is investments. “We would like to understand the opportunities in Dubai and the Gulf region in Mexico, to know how and where we can invest in this country,” he shared.

And, besides these two primary fields for them, they are also interested in the service sector and would like to attract “great talent” to work in this field in their country.

Likewise, the Chamber president noted being very interested in “what is happening around the digital economy.” “We want to know how we can export those ideas and activities to our region,” he said.

The Chamber’s office will comprise both Mexican talent and people from the Dubai team and, like the rest of the 12 offices they have in other countries around the world, it will have a team focused on business, trade, and investment.

“We want to hire local staff. Of course, there will be a lot of support from the Dubai team, but we think that bringing them together will ensure that we have the best talent,” Buamim said.

The president considered that, with the establishment of the office, the benefits for both countries will be many more than those related to business, since previous ties already exist but also “there is a lot that can be done”.

He assured that the relationship of the Chamber with the institutions is already good but that there is still a lot of potential and they hope that “things will grow even more”. For this reason, he explained, they wanted to have a physical office in the Latin American country, so that the approach is not done once a month or a year, but every day.

“We want to take part in all the activities that are happening in Mexico,” he concluded.

Source: Forbes Staff (2022, June 16) Cámara de Dubái abre oficina en México; se enfocarán en comercio. Forbes México. Retrieved June 16, 2022, from  


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